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Profile.SetFBML Problem!

Sep 3, 2009 at 9:49 PM

I've written an application with (c#) . But I couldn't succeed to send a notification to user wall with Profile.SetFBML method.
I've googled and find the updated version of the method on addres. But the version of FacebookNET.dll (v. which I've used in my app doesn't have this method with defined parameters on that url.
I've used FacebookNET.dll and FacebookNET.Web.dll
Below line returns True but it doesn't publish the notification to the wall.

  Profile.SetFbml(service.UserID, profileFbml, "", "")

I think below line is the true usage of method. But I don't have the latest source code version  of FacebookNET. So I couldn't modify the dll.

  FacebookService service = fbApplication.Service;
  Profile.SetFBML("", service.UserID, profileFbml, "", "");

Can you provide the latest version of dll or send some sample code which works with the right notification publish method?