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Getting Comments on Wall Messages

Oct 23, 2009 at 12:22 PM


I'm hoping someone can help me get the comments for a wall message.

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there is the following description of the comments field in the stream table

comments <tt>array</tt> A sample array of comments added to a post. This list contains up to two comments to display along with stream content. To get the full list of comments, use stream.getComments or query the comment FQL table using the post_id of this post. The array contains the following fields:
  • can_remove (bool): Indicates whether users can remove comments.
  • can_post (bool): Indicates whether users can post comments.
  • count (i32): The total number of comments added to the post.
  • comment_list (array): A list of comment-type comments for this post. Comments are formatted as they would be when returned by the comment (FQL) table.

I am using Facebook.NET to pull back wall messages & the comments for those wall messages.  When I've used the comments array, the only 2 comments in there are the comments by the user whose wall my code is pulling messages from.

So I decided to try querying the comment FQL table directly, but the post_id associated with a message seems to return a null.  Since the post_id returned is formatted like

<source_id>_<?incrementing number?>

I've tried using the value after the underscore, which returns an object that has a count of 0.

How do I get all the comments of a wall message?  Are permissions of commenting users somehow involved?

- O8