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publish feed in friends wall

Apr 27, 2009 at 10:16 AM
Hi Every one,
i am trying to post my feed story in my friends wall.
using  feed.publishUserAction(..) i can publish content in my wall success fully . i cant post same in friends wall ..

i searched so many forums finally i find out we need to use Publish Methodology..
I tried to implement in publish using feed form.. but i Failed.  

Can any one guide me how to used publish in

i saw some code in php in facebook fourm.
plz any one help me how use same in

kittuemani :)
Oct 21, 2009 at 7:09 PM


I got this code to publish to the user's wall but the text on the post is being set as the facebook status too not sure how to turn that off.
Also, I've found code everywhere to get the popup to show the feed form so the user can select to publish or skip but my facebook.dll doesn't have any of the method overloads that I've found.
How can I get the popup to show?  has someone made it work? My code only publish directly without prompting the user. I downloaded the latest version 2.1 from this site.

I understand that the has publishUserAction has auto_publish and I want to set it to false so I do get the popup but my method doesn't have that!

                attachment attach = new attachment();

                    attach.caption = "Post text";
                    attach.description = "Post description";
                    attach.href = "Post Name URL";
           = "Post Image Name";

                    attachment_media attach_media = new attachment_media();
                    attach_media.type = attachment_media_type.image;

                    attachment_media_image image = new attachment_media_image();
                    image.type = attachment_media_type.image;
                    image.href = "Image Click URL";
                    image.src = "Image hosting URL";

                    List<attachment_media> attach_media_list = new List<attachment_media>();

           = attach_media_list;

                    attachment_property attach_prop = new attachment_property();
                    attachment_category attach_cat = new attachment_category();
                    attach_cat.text = "Category Name";
                    attach_cat.href = "Category URL";
                    attach_prop.category = attach_cat;
                    //attach_prop.ratings = "5 stars";

           = attach_prop;

                    /* action links */

                    List<action_link> actionlink = new List<action_link>();
                    action_link al1 = new action_link();
                    al1.href = "Bottom call to action link url";
                    al1.text = "Bottom call to action link text";

                    FacebookService fbService = new FacebookService();
                    fbService.ApplicationKey = Constants.APIKey;
                    fbService.Secret = Constants.APIKey;
                    fbService.IsDesktopApplication = false;
                    fbService.SessionKey = GetFacebookCookie("session_key");
                    fbService.uid = long.Parse(GetFacebookCookie("user"));
         "YOUR POST", attach, actionlink, "FacebookID#", fbService.uid.ToString());