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How to use feed.publishUserAction or feed.registerTemplateBundle API

Sep 30, 2008 at 11:26 AM
I using to develop an iframe facebook application.
              According to this link, this is an example for calling new API.

             I would like to know how to change the following code to the feed.publishUserAction or  feed.registerTemplateBundle

FacebookService fb = new FacebookService(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["apiKey"],

                       ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["secret"], sessionKey, uid);
Facebook.Service.Core.FacebookRequest rqst = new Facebook.Service.Core

Facebook.Service.Core.FacebookResponse resp = null;

rqst.Parameters.Add("actor_id", fb.UserID);
rqst.Parameters.Add("title_template", "{actor} published:  {title}");
rqst.Parameters.Add("title_data", "{\"title\":\"" + title + "\"}");
rqst.Parameters.Add("body_template", "{status}");
rqst.Parameters.Add("body_data", "{\"status\":\"" + status + "\"}");
rqst.Parameters.Add("body_general", "Publish to multiple services with

         <a href=\"\">Command Post</a>");

resp = rqst.InvokeMethod("feed.publishTemplatizedAction");

If(resp.Status == Facebook.Service.Core.FacebookResponseStatus.Succeeded)
{     ret = true;

Thank you
Oct 3, 2008 at 6:52 PM
The framework does not support the new API.  I am actually rewriting the Facebook.Net framework Feeds section to work with the 2.0 API.  I'll have it finished today or tomorrow.  I've contacted Nikhil but not heard back from him.  If he doesn't add me as a developer I'll just start a new project with the feed changes.  I'll keep everyone posted.  It will probably be ready by early next week.