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What is required for news feed publish for friends?

Jan 24, 2008 at 2:20 PM

I'm using a modified version of the IFrame test app using v .0.3 of the framework. I am getting the app to show on my profile, and also in my mini feed, but the users who I select to also publish to (another account of mine) are not seeing the status on the news feed main page. Am I doing something wrong? Does the application have to be in non-developer mode in order for the news feed to publish? Right now I have the app in developer mode, but everything as for my profile, canvas, mini feed is working fine. I'm using the service.Feed.PublishMiniFeedStory(story); function as in the test iframe app.

Also, what is the proper way to call the new SetFbml function? I can only get:
service.Profile.SetFbml(profileFbml, service.UserID); // old is working
//service.Profile.SetFbml(service.UserID, profileFbml, null); // not working, needs action fbml?

to work.