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FacebookService etc. grayed out in Visual Studio

Jan 7, 2008 at 6:05 PM
ok. I downloaded the packet and installed the binaries and I have tried to find other tutorials, besides the one on microsoft's website but have had no luck. I can't get past the second step in the web developer walkthrough located here because items that they use from the toolbox such as FacebookService are grayed out.

I looked in the visual studio help and it says that some items that are not compatible with another .NET will not work. I have 2.0 and I see these particular items are 1.0.2 etc, but other items that are for the same version, (like PhotoAlbum) are not grayed out. Someone please help me to rectify this.

Note: there is another PhotoAlbum that is grayed out, I have several duplicates of some items.

~Thank you